Bruce G. Douglass PhD, PC - Psychologist | Traverse City, MI

Michigan Licensed Psychologist

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Watch for stress in your family

stressed stressed

Dr. Douglass offers

25 years of experience

in professional stress relief.

Get back on the road

to wellness today.


Stress is a part of life - learn to live with it and grow

We all face stress - on the job with the boss and co-workers, at home with our spouse and children,

even when we're just thinking about ourselves. The sign of good mental health is our ability to handle

it and use it to our advantage.


If stress becomes an emotional issue with you - if it leads to anger, fear, or relationship problems

- let Dr. Douglass help you regain control. You can't escape stress, but you can learn to adjust your life

and your thinking as you develop strategies that leave you enjoying life once again.

Children and adolescents often have a harder time dealing with stress than adults do. They haven't developed the most effective responses that come only with experience. Consequently, your younger family members are more likely to turn to destructive behaviors - acting out, overeating, drugs.


Dr. Douglass can help you and your child uncover the hidden stressors in their lives, and develop means of effectively dealing with the issues.