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Michigan Licensed Psychologist

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What is therapy like? How does it work?

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What can psychological therapy sessions do for me?

By talking with a professional therapist, you can get a fresh perspective on the issues you deal with every day: depression, anxiety, relationships, body image, grief, stress, and more.


Working with Dr. Douglass, you will develop coping skills that give you a better understanding of yourself, your relationships, your self-esteem, and how to improve things like communication, listening, and problem solving.

Your sessions with Dr. Douglass will vary according to your situation and how prepared you are to deal with it. Generally, you'll discuss both your personal history and current life events. If you've been to previous therapy sessions, you'll also track the progress you've seen.


Whether you will need one session or multiple meetings with Dr. Douglass, it will be determined by you and the doctor. Often weekly meetings are suggested, but the fact that you are seeking help indicates that you are already on the road to making positive changes in your life.

Your physician usually determines what medication you should be taking. However, an approach that integrates meds with therapy often reaches wellness goals more quickly and with longer-term results than medicine alone.


Therapy is designed to treat not just the symptoms of your mental and emotional problems, but the cause, as well. Dr. Douglass' goal is to address the causes of your distress and the behavior patterns that are not working to help you grow and heal.

Mental health coverage varies from insurance company to insurance company, so it's always a good idea to check your plan first to determine what your situation is. A phone call to your provider is helpful. Be sure to ask about the amount of coverage per session, how many sessions can be covered, and if a physician referral is required.


Dr. Douglass accepts most insurance, including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. You can also pay by Visa and MasterCard.

  • Anxiety

  • Behavioral problems

  • Depression

  • Learning difficulties

  • Relationships and parenting

  • Life transitions such as divorce and death

Will I need medication too?